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Assessment & Treatment 

When patients arrive they are assessed by a trained mental health professional. Once a diagnosis is made, we construct a tailored treatment plan which can include counselling therapy and/or medication.




It is not enough to just treat a patient, we must help them build a future. Kamili helps patients save and secure loans for the purpose of financial empowerment.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

Patients undergo individual, family and group therapy. Involving the patient's family in their treatment ensures a stronger and more reliable support group. Together we can achieve.

We now offer A Private Mental Health Clinic. Click here for details.



Nurse Scholarships 

Currently, nurses do not receive adequate training in mental health issues. Thus, Kamili gives scholarships for qualified general nurses to specialise in mental health to provide services all over Kenya.

Occupational Therapy 

We believe in the patient's ability to learn, grow and contribute to society. Through occupational therapy, patients learn small income generating skills such as juice making, sewing, beading and card making.




At times, a mentally ill person will experience segregation or rejection from their community. Kamili traces families and reintegrates patients back into the community with their families. 

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