Kenyans who suffer
from mental illness
will go untreated.


In Kenya... 

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Source: World Health Organization; Kenya National Commision on Human Rights, Kenya Mental Health Policy 

The Kamili Vision

Kamili Organisation provides affordable mental health services via 30+ clinics across Kenya. Our model clinic in Nairobi, provides accurate diagnosis, treatment, and support to patients and their families as well as provides psychosocial care in the form of education and increasing awareness around mental health issues in the community. We also regularly work with the local community to raise awareness about the symptoms and stigma associated with mental health.

Kamili Organisation was set up in 2009 by Melanie Blake to take over two mental health clinics in low income areas of Nairobi, including one slum area. The government had not supported the integration of these private clinics into the primary health care system, thus, they were due to close -despite offering a much needed service for the local community. Since then, Kamili has grown exponentially and become one of the main providers of mental health care in Kenya.    

In 2017, Melanie Blake accepted, on behalf of Kamili, an MBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for services to Mental Health in Kenya. Read more about it here.


We currently have 40 Kamili trained nurses in 25 of the 47 counties. Our goal is to have a clinic in every county in Kenya.

Our Patients

Kamili now supports nearly 11,500 patients and their families - this number is constantly increasing.

In 2019, we have

  • seen an increase of 2,132 patients

  • completed 18,395 consultations

  • held 994 counselling consultations

  • repatriated 92 patients back into their communities and families

  • conducted group therapy for over 100 patients

  • Enrolled 67 patients into our Savings & Loan Programme


Why Kamili?


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