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Private Mental Health Clinic

Private clinic offering_Feb 21
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Tel: 0112 854 930 | Email:


Appointments are available four days a week:

Monday-Thursday, 8am - 4pm

*Requests for services outside of these times may be discussed with

our appointments team.

As a registered NGO Kamili Organisation has been helping people with mental

health conditions in Kenya for the last 13 years, as well as training mental health

nurses country-wide and battling the stigma associated with mental health through

our outreach programmes. With the completion of a brand new clinic in Lower

Kabete, Nairobi, our professionally qualified and highly experienced specialists are

now also providing first class private outpatient care, at a genuinely affordable cost.

If you come to see us as a private client you will be assessed and we will

recommend a course of care that will help you get well. It might involve medication,

or counselling, or a consultation with a psychiatrist. Most importantly, it will help not

just you but a number of others as well. The fees that you pay us will be used to

support and care for those who truly cannot afford the essential treatment they need.

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